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6 Things you should check as an ‘accidental landlord’

23rd October 2018

Not everyone intends on becoming a landlord; sometimes it’s just circumstances that mean you find yourself letting out a property. Whatever the case, you are still required by law to follow a number of rules and regulations to avoid fines, or worse. Whether you have […]

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5 Unexpected ways to get your home market-ready

12th October 2018

Once you’ve decided to sell, you need your home to appeal to potential buyers; although this may seem like an obvious statement, there are several unexpected ways that you can prepare your home for sale. Of course, you’ll want to hide away your clutter and […]

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Are you aware of the new rules for multi-family homes?

28th September 2018

Tenants come in all shapes and sizes. Some will share with their friends, others with their families, but it’s the family unit that has been the focus of new regulation that we know many landlords are unaware of and, as a result, could face hefty […]

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Why Use High Street agents?

5th September 2018

Advice from Richard Tucker, Managing Director of Relocation Agent Network offers property sellers things to consider when selecting the right agent.   “High street presence means you can see how an agent presents properties for sale in their window. What is it about the display that […]

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Tips for moving home with pets

3rd September 2018

Moving home can often be stressful for us humans, but imagine how confusing it is for our pets. New spaces, new smells, and even new neighbours – your pet has a lot to deal with on moving day. If you have read our previous blogs […]

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Tips for selling with pets

23rd August 2018

You’ll know that we at Hunters are pet lovers, as our furry friends, Spike and Poppy, are often working hard in our branch, but when it comes to selling your home, not all potential buyers feel like we do. As pet owners ourselves we know […]

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Will you be joining us at the Mid Sussex Business Expo?

20th August 2018

Last year we had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Mid Sussex Business Expo, and our team will be back again this year! On Thursday 27th September members of both our Sales and Lettings departments will be setting their alarms for an early start to […]

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5 Things that could hinder your sale

27th July 2018

You’ve made the big decision to sell your home. Once you’ve chosen your estate agent and your property is on the market, there’s nothing left for you to do, right? Wrong! Although our experienced team will be conducting your viewings and begin negotiations with potential […]

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5 Ways to personalise your rental property

18th July 2018

You may already be enjoying the benefits of renting – cheaper insurance, ability to move areas frequently, and no maintenance costs – but what about personalising your property? It is predicted that a quarter of households in the UK will be renting by the end […]

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What are your responsibilities as a landlord?

29th June 2018

You have invested in a property, making you a landlord. With that comes several obligations that you are now accountable for. Whether you’re a first-time landlord or have several years of experience, the rules and regulations change year on year, meaning that you must always […]

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