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“Advertising for Results”

7th August 2015

As estate agents, our job is to sell property. Sounds obvious really! However, some people judge an agent’€™s ability to do the job on the amount of advertising undertaken on behalf of each client, rather than on the strategy behind their advertising policy.     […]

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“First Impressions”

6th August 2015

You only get one chance to make a first impression! When it comes to letting your home, attention to detail could be pivotal in securing the best possible rent ‘€“quickly.    Most tenants have a good idea of their preferred location, minimum accommodation needs and […]

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Competing in Todays Market

5th May 2015

When buyers have choice this can make them indecisive and prompts them to be selective and cautious before settling on the ‘€œright’€ property.  If you are selling, this puts a huge onus on you to ensure that your property absolutely shines in relation to other […]

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Spring in to Action

27th April 2015

     Sellers Springing into Action The Spring weather has arrived and NOW is the time to get your house on the market. That’€™s according to a recent Relocation Agent Network survey taken amongst its estate agency members across England, Scotland and Wales.

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Internet v’s Agent

27th April 2015

‘€œWill the Internet Replace Estate Agents?’€ There can be nothing better suited to the internet than property, and hits to property websites far outnumber those of any other industry. The ability to be able to search in the comfort of your own home, usually without […]

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Time For You

27th April 2015

Selling your property is easy. Just advertise it on line and wait for the buyers to flock to your door!! If only! Sadly, too many estate agents rely on this approach, which inevitably results in disappointment. Indeed, in some respects finding the buyer is the […]

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Selling An Unmodernised Property

7th April 2015

Last week’€™s article focussed on issues to think about when buying an unmodernised property. However, sellers should also be careful when considering the sale of a property in need of renovation. Firstly, unmodernised is unmodernised! It is usually a waste of money to make improvements […]

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Buying and Unmodernised Property

24th March 2015

There are about a dozen property-related programmes on TV every week. Some of these track the progress of a wreck to a finished home, or at least highlight a property’€™s potential.  We have certainly noticed an increase in the number of enquiries from people specifically […]

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The Right People – Lettings

16th March 2015

Despite the fact that many people regard letting agents as more or less the same, there are in fact numerous selection criteria on which to judge the good from the bad, and the exciting from the mildly indifferent. For example, there are many services and […]

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February 2015 Market Review

10th March 2015

We find ourselves in interesting times! With almost zero inflation, falling unemployment, a strong pound and continued record low interest rates, creating an apparent platform for good times ahead for the property market and there is certainly nothing to worry about this time around. We’€™ve […]

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