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Overpricing, the curse that many can’t resist

7th December 2017

We all want to believe that once we’ve lived in a property for a certain amount of time it will have increased in value.  This belief grows when you have undertaken work, whether it be decoration, a new kitchen, bathroom, or extension.  I would love […]

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When, oh when should you start packing?

24th November 2017

The day is fast approaching, the day where you say goodbye to one house and hello to your new home.  But as you look around at the task in front of you, you can’t help but feel slightly panicked.  You see, behind every door and […]

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5 ways to survive the painful wait – ‘will my offer be accepted?’

14th November 2017

It’s no use fighting it. The property has won your heart, and you’ve made the call to make it yours. But now you have the anxious wait to see if your offer will be accepted.  Do you sit nervously staring at your phone, hoping that […]

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Are you in renting shape?  How to get tenant-fit

31st October 2017

Forget your latest HIIT workout, one thing that will certainly get you working up a sweat is not being tenant-fit when you decide to rent a property.  Venturing into the lettings market can be challenging, with many properties leaping into the hands of tenants within […]

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How knotweed-savvy are you?

18th October 2017

The Telegraph reported recently that a couple in Cornwall is suing a pensioner for £50,000 over an issue with Japanese Knotweed.  They bought their seaside property from her 15 years ago but land that the pensioner still owned had the destructive weed growing nearby, of […]

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Things you may not know about selling your home

9th October 2017

Having a great relationship with your estate agent is key when selling your home.  At Hunters, we are always open and honest, even when it comes to things you may not wish to hear.  Some agents will shy away from difficult conversations, as they do […]

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Essential questions to ask when downsizing

15th September 2017

You may be ready for a move, or struggling to come to terms with the fact that you need to downsize; either way, moving from a larger to a smaller property can have its challenges. We hope these questions will help you prepare for your […]

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Why curtain twitchers are your best friend when moving home

25th August 2017

One thing we love about Burgess Hill is the sense of community, from the welcome you receive when you arrive at your local, to the way we come together when someone is in need.  But did you know that living in such a great community […]

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Are you being strangled by your sales contract?

11th August 2017

You’ve chosen your estate agent, you’ve signed the contract, but have you read the terms? It’s easy to get excited by an estate agent who convinces you that your property is worth more than what other agents have quoted. We all want to achieve the […]

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How living close to a supermarket can increase the value of your home

31st July 2017

When looking to buy a property we make many decisions based on where and how we want to live.  Schools, amenities, the community, and event landscape can play a huge part in our decision regarding location, all of which can also impact on the value […]

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