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Essential questions to ask when downsizing?

15th September 2017

You may be ready for a move, or struggling to come to terms with the fact that you need to downsize; either way, moving from a larger to a smaller property can have its challenges. We hope these questions will help you prepare for your […]

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Why curtain twitchers are your best friend when moving home

25th August 2017

One thing we love about Burgess Hill is the sense of community, from the welcome you receive when you arrive at your local, to the way we come together when someone is in need.  But did you know that living in such a great community […]

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Are you being strangled by your sales contract?

11th August 2017

You’ve chosen your estate agent, you’ve signed the contract, but have you read the terms? It’s easy to get excited by an estate agent who convinces you that your property is worth more than what other agents have quoted. We all want to achieve the […]

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How living close to a supermarket can increase the value of your home

31st July 2017

When looking to buy a property we make many decisions based on where and how we want to live.  Schools, amenities, the community, and event landscape can play a huge part in our decision regarding location, all of which can also impact on the value […]

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Why your ID is more important than ever when on the move

24th July 2017

When buying or selling a home, you know that you will need to present a number of documents as part of the process, one of which is to confirm your identification.  But due to changes to the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds […]

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5 Hot tips to give your home instant kerb appeal

28th June 2017

What is kerb appeal?  Kerb appeal is the impression your home gives at first sight.  This is nothing to do with interiors; as you walk towards your home and stand on the pavement outside, imagine: what will your buyers be thinking?  Will they be eager […]

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How long should it take to decide if a property is the one for you?

27th June 2017

Investing your hard-earned money in a property for you and your family to call home is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make. Choosing the right property is not an easy task, but Hunters are here to help! Some estate agents say […]

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How can you achieve the perfect sale?

20th May 2017

Perfection is not something that you would see as synonymous with selling your home.  All your wants and needs are different, the idea that one process suits all is crazy, especially when you have so many parties and voices involved.  Therefore, is it reasonable to […]

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What are the most popular properties and areas to live in?

21st April 2017

Are you selling an in-demand property-type? Are you looking for a home in a sought-after area? According to a recent survey by Relocation Agent Network, the type of property and area that buyers are looking to move to has remained largely unchanged when compared to […]

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Why should you make Burgess Hill your home?

6th April 2017

When you’re searching for your perfect property, there are some things you won’t want to compromise on, and a great location is one of them. Whether you want to be near local amenities, stunning countryside, or convenient commuter links, location is often a top priority […]

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