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How can you achieve the perfect sale?

20th May 2017

Perfection is not something that you would see as synonymous with selling your home.  All your wants and needs are different, the idea that one process suits all is crazy, especially when you have so many parties and voices involved.  Therefore, is it reasonable to […]

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What are the most popular properties and areas to live in?

21st April 2017

Are you selling an in-demand property-type? Are you looking for a home in a sought-after area? According to a recent survey by Relocation Agent Network, the type of property and area that buyers are looking to move to has remained largely unchanged when compared to […]

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Why should you make Burgess Hill your home?

6th April 2017

When you’re searching for your perfect property, there are some things you won’t want to compromise on, and a great location is one of them. Whether you want to be near local amenities, stunning countryside, or convenient commuter links, location is often a top priority […]

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The Market Opportunity for Sellers

29th March 2017

This year’s spring market can hardly be regarded as a typical. Traditionally, spring has always been regarded as the busiest time of year for the property market. And whilst you might have read headlines about the strength of the market, this does not necessarily equate […]

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5 Costly Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home

23rd March 2017

We know that selling a property is not always plain sailing. In fact, there are numerous obstacles along the way that can prove costly for homeowners. As your estate agent, we want the selling process to be as straightforward as possible and we want to […]

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What we and Australia have in common

20th March 2017

We were recently asked a series of questions about our business; one of these was, if we were a nation, what would we be? Without hesitation I said Australia. Let’s face it, comparing an estate agent to a nation may seem a little strange, but […]

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Let your garden sell your home this spring

16th March 2017

The wild weather we have had over the last few months has probably not been kind to your garden. Unless you are an avid gardener then, like most of us, your flowerbeds will be looking neglected. When selling your home, your garden has a job […]

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Government Ignores Property Crisis

10th March 2017

Wednesday’s budget was noticeable for the absence of any mention of the housing market. This oversight was met with derision from almost ever organisation with an interest in the property sector. There has been a succession of housing ministers over recent years, each of which […]

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Split Opinion on Whether Brexit is Impacting Local Markets

27th February 2017

As the Government debates the intricacies of Britain leaving the European Union, widely known as u2018Brexitu2019, local estate agents across the UK are experiencing mixed trends with regards to its impact so far. n From the responses received, following a recent survey conducted by Relocation […]

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Improvements – Are They Worth It?

16th February 2016

A recent survey suggests that the average homebuyer spends about u00a34,000 on home improvements within four months of moving. These changes are typically things that had little bearing on the decision whether or not to buy the property, but more about turning a house into […]

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